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Mecklenburg County has one of the highest rates of new HIV infection

in the state.  Learn how researchers and public health officials are working with local healthcare providers to educate the community and utilize new medication treatment options to prevent transmission.


Learn how APHI is working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to link clinical information with social determinants of health data to better understand community health needs and evaluate programs aimed at improving upward mobility and health outcomes.


In the Renaissance West community people are leading healthier lives, thanks to the work of Life Navigators who use a newly created hi-tech dashboard tool built by APHI to assist in monitoring and treating chronic health conditions.


At its seventh-annual HackathonCLT, local analytics software company Tresata challenged teams to design practical solutions to increase access to health care for residents of the city of Charlotte and to work with APHI to build and implement that solution. 

Students in Library

Discover how area students are learning how to improve the health of America's growing urban regions by evaluating, connecting, integrating, and securing independently collected healthcare data.

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Learn how APHI is working to conduct postpartum depression (PPD) screenings and incorporate on-site psychotherapy and support services in Women, Infants & Children Clinics in Mecklenburg County for low-income mothers experiencing PPD.  

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