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APHI members work together on projects addressing health-related topics in four distinct focus areas: 

Preventive Health Button.png




Brian Witt (MCPH)

Patrick Robinson (UNC-C)

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Care Management &

Health Partnerships


Tamikia Greene (MCPH)

Maren Coffman (UNC-C)

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Health Data



Jonathan Ong (MCPH)

Michael Dulin (UNC-C)

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Cheryl Emanuel (MCPH)

Victoria Scott (UNC-C)

  • INNOVATION:  APHI seeks to provide insight into potential new approaches to public health strategies and program implementation based on evidence-based practices and new models of public health delivery (e.g. Public Health 3.0)
  • TECHNOLOGY & HEALTH INFORMATICS:  APHI will assist Health Department employees with dissemination and understanding of best practices for data collection, data management, and overall data governance.

  • EVALUATION & DESIGN:  The APHI team will assist with designing evaluation strategies for Mecklenburg County Public Health programs, including mixed methods approaches, quantitative data collection and analysis, statistical sampling methodologies, survey design, and key informant and focus group guide development.

  • DATA COLLECTION & GRANT PROPOSALS:  APHI will develop applications for external grant funding, and may assist in the collection and analysis of preliminary qualitative or quantitative data needed to support applications.  Proposals will leverage evaluation and study design, understanding of best evidence, and innovative approaches to public health.

  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT with partners in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community to determine the potential for involvement in public health programs or evaluation studies.

  • EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES:  Assist with the collection and dissemination of evidence-based practices through attendance at national meetings to learn from public health experts in the field, as well as literature scans and reviews.  APHI teams may take a leadership role in developing data and information to help establish evidence-based practices.

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