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What is a PSA?

  • A “PSA” is a Public Service Announcementa message intended to create awareness about a topic of public interest and create a shift in attitudes and behavior toward a social issue

  • Your PSA should be focused around the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and increasing uptake of the vaccine

  • Pick a target audience on-campus or part of the larger general public, and make a video directed to that audience

  • Your video may:

    • provide evidence-based information about the vaccine

    • raise awareness about where and how to get vaccinated

    • dispel common myths about the vaccine

    • promote the benefits of vaccination

    • PSA topics are as wide open as your imagination and are not limited to these ideas

  • Click HERE to see a recent PSA featuring many of our living former presidents and first ladies


What SHOULD be included in my video PSA?

  • Your video PSA may be a maximum of 1:00 minute in length

  • At the start of your video, please include this information:

    • "This is my/our video entry for the APHI (pronounced      a-fee) Make My PSA Contest: [Title of Video]"

    • State your name/your team members' names

    • State your target audience 

    • Your running time limit of 1:00 minute will start after this introductory information

  • Messaging intended for a defined target audience

  • Accurate and evidence-based information

  • Culturally appropriate information

  • An English translation document if your PSA is not in English or targets a non-English speaking audience

What should NOT be included in my video PSA?

  • Copyrighted information 

  • False or misleading information 

  • Material that may be offensive or culturally inappropriate

  • Images of protected health information or other sensitive or private personal details 

  • Submissions may not closely resemble content from any other publicly released video(s) on the same topic

  • If your video contains any inaccurate, offensive, culturally inappropriate, or protected video content, your contest entry will be disqualified.

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