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APHI Nexus 2021



Michael E. Thompson

MS, DrPH, Associate Professor, and Acting Director, APHI, UNC Charlotte 

Dr. Michael E. Thompson, MS, DrPH, is the Acting Director of APHI and is an Associate Professor in the Public Health Sciences department at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has over 20 years of experience in actively developing, leading, and seeing accredited public health and health administration programs domestically and internationally as well as conducting applied research and evaluation projects that improve population health and advance the professional practice of public health. Dr. Thompson’s professional practice focuses on competency-based workforce development and assessment as well as community-driven programmatic interventions utilizing a systems perspective. Past efforts include supporting public health and health administration program development in Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Lebanon, among other locations. Dr. Thompson’s research interests span competency-based education; accreditation; community assessment; program evaluation; chronic disease; health disparities; community-based research; translational research; international/global health; health services research; survey design; and quality of care.


Catrine Tudor-Locke

PhD, FACSN, FNAK, Professor and Dean, College of Health & Human Services, UNC Charlotte

Catrine Tudor-Locke, PhD, FACSM, FNAK is a Professor and Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Dean Tudor-Locke is a walking behavior researcher and a recognized world leader in objective physical activity assessment and promotion specifically focused on pedometer or accelerometer-determined ambulatory activity captured as steps/day across the lifespan. She is a trained program evaluator and adult educator focused on practical applications in objective monitoring measurement and intervention. She has also published on clinical vs. free-living gait analysis, including interpretation of cadence as a simple indicator of ambulatory patterns. She has also published work documenting the relationship between time spent in sedentary behavior and relatively low ambulatory activity, measured as steps/day.

Gibbie Harris.jpg

Gibbie Harris

RN, MSPH, Health Director, Mecklenburg County Public Health

Gibbie Harris, RN, MSPH, is the Health Director of Mecklenburg County. In this role, she manages public health and environmental health activities and provides vision and direction for all public health activity in Mecklenburg County.

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